About US

Someone once asked me,” what are you good at?” I replied,” Building Brands, Expanding Markets, Growing Revenues”, and this stuck with me. While these are broad generic terms, there is a deeper core to this statement. They embody a fundamental triad of Invisual E. The core of this statement is that they are guide posts of the engagements we undertake on a day to day basis. The activities we do, need to touch these dimensions for our customers and the company.

Therefore Invisual E is about layers and building blocks to support our consultative approach with clients. The portfolio is a pick list, a multi faceted toolbox of technology which will allow us to engage at the sweet spot where we can be most effective to help OEM, integrators and manufacturers eliminate problems, capture opportunities, maximize capabilities, be more competitive, increase system capabilities, increase quality, reduce costs. The result of these objectives creates opportunities to Build Brands, Expand Markets and Grow Revenues.
Pierre Huot