Executive Leadership

Pierre Huot founded Invisual E Inc in 2009 in response to a desire to implement his vision to the market for identified needs for manufacturing.  Pierre is known for taking on the most challenging projects with a remarkable determination to succeed. He looks outside of traditional, status quo methods finding ways to make current processes even better. His technical ability coupled with his sense for process improvement has allows him to see what can be done to bring greater innovation and excellence to the forefront while preparing organizations for the future.

As president, Pierre is responsible for guiding the overall direction of the company. His leadership and vision for Invisual E are the foundation for the company’s growth. Pierre’s adherence to a customer-driven development approach combined with his strategic abilities to envision industry demands and help clients build brands, expand markets and grow revenues will ensure that the company addresses the growing, complex needs of the manufacturing industry.

Pierre possesses an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and a B.A. in Science, Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa. He is the author of several published case studies and white papers.  His conviction in the value of an active lifestyle is evident from his participation in sports. He is also an active amateur photographer and a regular community contributor and cherishes the time spent with his wife and two sons.