3d laser Sensor

3DLSR laser sensor is ideal for OEMs and integrators who need a fully designed, calibrated, and environmentally sealed 3D laser measuring device.

Easy to use tools to measure radius/diameter, height, width, angle, and location. The 3d laser outputs information in three distinct formats; as laser line profile, as a 2d image and as as 3d scan, which variations easily visible. laser triangulation sensor

Finally, a 3d laser sensor with compactness & Powerful Features:

  • – Use Shape Tools to fit data to Circle, Rectangle, Vertex, Line, Gap, Bump, or Step Change.
  • – Output diameter, height, width, angle, and X,Y location to Screen, File, Ethernet, or Analog or Discrete I/O
  • – Auto-Anchor keeps Shape Tools and profile display stable, even when the part is moving from scan to scan.
  • – Master Profile feature compares actual profile to profile limits
  • – Light Tower accessory shows Pass / Fail on measurements or profile comparison.
  • – Graphical User Interface makes setup quick and easy, and for advanced users, the included
  • – Source code allows GUI customization and direct communication with Shape Tools.

Brief on how this 3d laser sensor & system function:

The system consists of one or two 3 laser sensor connected via Ethernet to an industrial PC.  Our 3d scanning software sits in the Windows os. environment. The 3d scanning software performs the Shape Tool calculations and passes the results to the HMI client, I/O devices, light tower, or streamed and connect hardware.

The 3DLSR Viewer is a viewing tool definition and configuration application. Via ethernet connectivity to the PC controller or sitting on the same PC as the server; the  Viewer is a visual application that displays results and allows the user to, see their measurement results, view the real-time profiles being generated by the 3d laser sensor, and to configure the 3d laser sensor.

Commercially, we can participate with you as the 3d laser sensor provider. This would provide you with the 3d laser sensor, software and cable sets. However, we can also step furhter into your application requirements by providing the following support functions:

  • – PC controller testing, configuration and software integration.
  • – Mechanical design services for sensor mounting.
  • – Application software coding
  • – HMI environment coding
  • – Proof of Concepts
  • – Feasibility analysis and pilots
  • – TurnKey delivery

Interesting software applications which support modern automation and inspection is 3D scanning software. In our software library is a 3D software suite for application development using a 3d laser sensor and 2D camera systems.
For those of you that are new to this technology, a 3d laser sensor can be used for many applications. THe most common applications are surface inspection and 3D mapping, process control, quality assurance, part inspection and displacement. We would enjoy a conversation with you and your need for a 3d laser sensor in your application.

3D Laser Sensor Specs