HDR camera

The iCAM-HDR camera is a fully packaged, ready to use, analogue video camera for users who want benefits from high dynamic range & logarithmic CMOS imaging sensors.

The camera requires only a single power supply to provide a composite analog video output.

Included is an optical interface compatible with the standard C-Mount optical interfaces. The output from the high dynamic range sensor is a real logarithmic response providing 120 dB of signal without saturation, which makes it ideal for industrial, transportation and surveillance applications where detail in both high light and dark scenes is important.

Key Features
• Real logarithmic response
• Operates in B&W mode
• 120 dB real dynamic range
• No fixed pattern noise
• Insensitive to ambient light variation
• Single power supply
• Ultra low power consumption
• Analogue video out NTSC or PAL
• 10 μm pitch sensor (1/2’ compatible)
• 768×576 pixels
• Standard C-Mount interface

Industry Sector Fit
• Machine vision
• Bank automats
• Surveillance & security
• Soldering, welding
• Automotive and transportation
• Led inspection and binning
• Biometrics
• Instrumentation – Spectroscopy