HDR Board Camera

For OEM and other capable companies, the HDR camera, board level, presents opportunities to reduce your development cost to market. The HDR camera, board level, gives an OEM the flexibility to design around the board and include the key functions, and packaging they desire without the burdened risk of over design for a particular application.

These HDR sensors are based on a new generation of CMOS imaging technology, capable of generating a highly stable image even under very wide intra scene dynamic range (> 120dB) in a single frame time.

In addition these imaging sensors deliver sharp and clear images even at high operating temperature (typically up to 90°C) without creating pixel artifacts.

Key Features
High dynamic range (>120dB) without compromising low light level performances
• No image lag, no smearing, no blooming
• Suppression of spatial-temporal light accommodation thanks to Log response
• Fully encapsulated imaging module, ideal for System-on-Chip integration
• Extreme simplicity of integration: Power in – Image out
• Free of hot or flickering pixels even at high temperature

Technology Benefits
• Ease of integration: no complicated register to program
• No exposure time to setup
• No companion chip or DSP required to produce a wide dynamic range image
• Operates without special setup in any light conditions
• No illumination saturation
• No need for fixed pattern noise correction
• Enables high operating temperature applications