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video cross hair generator

Cross Hair Generator Package

The XH300PKG is the most versatile, easy to use, and cost effective video cross hair generator available on the market. The XH300PKG video cross hair generator is capable of superimposing a number of video cursors on an existing video stream.

The incoming video is fed into the connector labeled “Video In”. The video input must be standard base band NTSC or PAL format. The resulting output video is available at the connector labeled “Video Out”. The output video is in exactly the same form as the incoming video except for the superimposed video cross hair generated by the XH300PKG.

The XH300PKG supports five different cursor types: cross-hair, double cross-hair, single horizontal line, single vertical line, and circle. While adjusting the cursors the settings are displayed the bottom of the screen. When the adjustment is complete the settings are saved in non-volatile memory. The setting will be restored when power is applied.

The video cross hair device is used in many applications such as welding, machining centers and medical industry.   The video cross hair overlay unit provides a user with a reference point on the video display.  The reference point allows the user to gauge spatial distance and orientation relative to other objects in the video screen.

OEM Cross Hair Specifications:

  • Video standards supported: NTSC, PAL.
  • Power: Comes with a wall plug power supply, 100V – 240V, 50Hz – 60Hz.
  • Input/output Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Cursor types: Cross-hair, double cross-hair, single line, and circle
  • Control: Rotary encoder with press switch
  • Video connectors: RCA or BNC jacks.
  • ROHS: Lead free
  • Package: Annodized Aluminum with momentary switch / dial


  • Machine Vision.
  • Security and Surveillance.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Medical.
  • Laser Centers.
  • Industrial Sectors.

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