3D COP Software

OEM and system integrators and volume end users needing a 3D inspection software generating COP acquisition data for real time comparison of scanned 3D data with their respective models where accuracy and repeatability are important to critical, in environments where non-contact is preferred and high processing speed is required should take a few minutes to peruse this area.

SAL3D developed by AQsense is a shape analysis Library for PC based 3D imaging whose independent tools are specially suited for laser triangulation and Cloud of Points (COP) processing offering these benefits:

Speed: Alignment and comparison of dense COPs in fractions of a second.

Accuracy & Repeatability: Highly accurate regardless of the object size. There is no need for mechanical fixtures or accurate positioning systems, because alignment is done mechanically.

Flexibility: Change between digital models with a single mouse click.

Completeness: No interference or delay in the production line due to inspection. COPs can be built as dense as needed and comparison is a matter of 1-2 seconds.

Integration: Inspection data can be fed back into the manufacturing process for an integrated Statistical Process Control.

Rapid Deployment: Tools can be integrated as DLL’s that allow developer’s access to third party components usable side by side with SAL’s tools resulting in rapid development of highly complex processing tasks.

Autonomous: The first hardware independent software architecture for range map and poing cloud processing, fully oriented to laser triangulation and 3D machine vision applications.

Workflow and Modules

Part of the discovery process with you is a thorough understanding of your application, commercial constraints and requirements. This consultative process identifies which tool or toolset would deliver the end results. We can engage on a pure software license level, feasibility studies, application development, custom library design and training.

Our goal is to reduce your time to market, development and support costs and ensure a smooth integration for 3D applications. Give us a call today to learn more about this feature rich environment and the growing market of 3D Cop Software for inspection and quality assurance.