Automation & Control | Control Software

OEM, system integrators needing a control software environment that enables the creation of local or distributed control systems, desires a combination of a highly portable, robust control engine (Virtual Machine) and an intuitive application development environment (Workbench) can find what they are looking for with ISaGRAF

Originally designed to bridge the gap between microcomputer systems and PLCs, today the software is modern technology for open automation, applicable to the traditional automation, embedded control and soft logic markets.

With this control software environment, an OEM or integrator reduces their time to market, reduces development cost, support costs and increases reliability, predictability, compliance and operability


Key Highlights:

  • Fast, robust, scalable & affordable
  • Normalized and complies with IEC61131
  • Normalized and complies with IEC 61499
  • SIL 3 and SIL 4 critical application and safety certified
  • Flexible licensing
  • Complete integration maintaining your ability to brand label
  • Encryption – protection of your intellectual property
  • Runtime Targets can run on any OS: Windows NT, XP, Windows CE, NT Embedded, RTX, Linux, RTAI Linux, Time Sys, QNX, VxWorks and many more.
  • Runtime Targets can run on any hardware platform or processor including Intel, Motorola, ARM, SHx, PowerPC, NetSilicone etc.
  • Integrated Motion Control Toolkit with PLCopen compliant function blocks

ISaGRAF is the environment in which you develop then monitor control applications, made up of resources, i.e., virtual machines at run time. The process flow of Isagraf starts with the WorkBench which is the development environment. Compiling the developed resource code builds the runtime executable which is a standalone engine which is downloaded to the target node being either a virtual machine, PLC, programmable chip.

The resources for applications are made up of:

  • I/O points and variables
  • Control logic in any IEC-61131-3 language
    • SFC: Sequential Function Chart (or Grafcet)
    • ST: Structured Text
    • IL: Instruction List
    • FBD: Function Block Diagram,
    • LD: Ladder Diagram
  • Flow Chart as well as the IEC 61499 distribution method.

The Application Workbench is a complete programming environment used to develop highly portable applications. The Workbench provides tools for editing, debugging, code generation, documentation, library management, archiving, on-line monitoring, off-line simulation and on-line changes.