TPS for Tube & Pipe

For tube and pipe production applications, which require high throughput speeds for maximum profitability traditional NDT equipment such as eddy current testing is used to detecting small, short, incomplete welds; inclusions; voids; or cavities. Ultrasonic testing normally is used to find long, continuous defects, such as incomplete seam welds.

The TPS is successfully deployed in TIG, Laser, Plasma and ERW / HFI tube production for in process weld monitoring and weld defect detection.

For the tube or pipe operator, visual information is vital towards making the cognitive decisions and determinations if adjustments are necessary to improve weld quality. The weld quality monitor alerts and visually provides the numerical and graphical data to finally see what is happening at the weld.




The TPS has a mechanical shutter, which is opened only during measuring, so that environmental debris does not accumulate on the TPS measuring head. In addition shielding gas or clean air can be used as a pressurized air zone to keep the head clean. Optional water-cooling or venturi air to the TPS measuring head can be used directly through incorporated channels to maintain specified operating temperature.

Mill Integration
By setting up pre-defined programs and presets, which contain the monitoring values and tolerance values, the operator can recall these settings as production dictates. Real-time modifications in the presets during the production are available and immediately saved after entry.

The Weld controller has rich IO capability to fully integrate with the mill control system, marking system, cutoff, alarms and power source.

Tube and Pipe Production Monitor
This graphical display user interface which is available at the mill and offline on a network PC displays the last 25 cut lengths of tube. The red and yellow bands indicate areas in which the process has exceeded threshold limits. By mouse clicking these bands display the expanded view and thermal data. These indicators are linked to position data and are tagged.

Expanded View Displays:

  • Trend lines and limits
  • Welding seam position
  • Width of temperature zone
  • Symmetry of heat field
  • Maximum temperature