Tube and Pipe Inspection & Quality

In the world of tube and pipe production, it is all about making the best product with the least amount of waste in the fastest time possible. These key ingredients allow for firms to be competitive and be profitable. New innovations regularly receive attention when they increase a mill’s productivity and efficiency. Cutting edge techniques have begun to streamline an industry that once required tedious and time-consuming efforts to ensure quality. Technological achievements such as laser-based system for seam tracking, dimensional inspection and welding inspection have allowed tube and pipe producers to evolve their offering and expand their market.

tube and pipe inspectionEmerging breakthroughs in the field of tube and pipe production allow manufactures to fill gaps in markets that were once too costly to compete in. The demand for titanium products to act as heat exchangers on power plants and airline engines is extremely high. Unfortunately, the cost of the raw materials alone is ten to twenty times higher than comparatively sized steel counterparts. New mills are available that combine high levels of tube quality, consistent and reliable production, and low scrap rates to achieve a level of cost efficiency that appeals to tube production and pipe production professionals.

New Materials Bring New Challenges for Tube and Pipe Producers

The growth of HSLA input materials has pushed the use of welded tube and pipe into new application areas. Driven by market demand, these new application areas are allowing tube and pipe producers to evolve their processes to meet the strict quality requirements. HSLA material is not without its complications for the tube and pipe producer. Therefore employing technology for tube and pipe inspection is prudent and a strategic investment.

Tube and Pipe Inspection Yields Benefits

Tube and Pipe InspectionAvailable inspection system today are almost bolt-on in their integration simplicity, which decreases down time and missed production hours, and ultimately increasing efficiency and yield. Edge inspection, developed by Invisual E., fits this category. The latest machines have been designed with the ability to perform a pipe inspection on materials as thin as sheet metal and on heavy steel plate.

The business of welded manufacturing and tube and pipe production is heavily mandated by both consumer safety councils and environmental conservation agencies. Reducing waste and harmful emissions is environmentally responsible and vital to a positive image.

Innovative concepts are emerging and Invisual E is at the forefront of bringing these ideas to market. The potential to cut costs and streamline business practices to increase yield and efficiency is our primary goal. We invite you to peruse the side bar systems that are available today for tube and pipe and we would love to hear from you.