ERW Butt Weld Inspection System

Increasing Yield on ERW / HFI tube mills

Increasing-Quality-on-ERW-HFIERW / HFI tube production is the fastest methods to produce tube and pipe. The industry faces several pressures such as high competition, both domestically and foreign, raw material costs, and client quality demands. To be profitable, mills need to be efficient, have high yield and volume.

In today’s market materials are higher tensile and thinner gauge pressing the importance of making good welds and maintaining control at high speed. However at the speeds in which the mills operate, maintaining control of the material poses a challenge and the process can quickly move from making good tube and pipe to scrap.

The use of automated inspection and vision systems in tube and pipe production has demonstrated to reduce defects, waste and increase yield and quality compliance.

A common issue ERW HFI tube and pipe producers is managing the butt weld splice between coils. Butt Weld splices from coil to coil introduce a disturbance into the production process. Mills handle this by grinding down the weld seam and production needs to know when the butt weld is pass through the mill. The fundamental reason is to avoid tool damage and bad cut lengths.

ERW HFI Solution: Butt Weld Scanning

butt weld
Radian-BW is a laser based butt weld inspection system which has been designed and developed to provide positive detection of butt weld prior to entry in the mill.

Using two laser profile sensor, the sensor generates a set of surface data points which are mapped and interpreted to trigger when the butt weld pass under the scanners.

The sensor are aligned offset to one another as both need to trigger to confirm a butt weld. This method ensures a confirmation of presence of the butt weld.


Dimension of benefits for ERW HFI tube and pipe producers:

Reduction in tool damage: Many mills require the operators to signal the butt weld.

Improved Yield: Mapping the butt weld to coil gives an accurate cut length and yield per coil. Therefore simple logic in the PLC can map the FCO trigger and butt weld trigger for yield per coil.

Enables process SPC: QC and QA can gain process information as part of their continuous improvement strategies.

Traceability: In a highly competitive market, demanding consistent performance and quality.
Innovative concepts are emerging and Invisual E is at the forefront of bringing these ideas to market. The potential to cut costs and streamline business practices to increase yield and efficiency is our primary goal. We invite you to peruse the side bar systems that are available today for erw hfi tube producers and we would love to hear from you.