ICAM-MWA Multi-camera Weld Camera Solution

welding_cameraWelding processes installed on:

  • Flux Core
  • MIG / MAG
  • Plasma
  • TIG
  • Laser

This product utilizes our ICAM-WA welding camera which can connect up to 5 independently controlled weld cameras for live video streaming and viewing of the welding process. Each camera is independently controlled for LED intensity, power and weld camera settings.

As a multi welding camera package, it offers great features at an affordable price.

With recognized benefits such as:

  • Real time views of the weld and process which provides opportunities for immediate operator adjustments.
  • Real time verification of torch position, wire feed, stick out, orientation
  • Reduced time required for pre-weld setup
  • Productivity improvements by a reduction in operator starts and stops.
  • Operator training, health and safety
  • Quality Assurance

The iCAM-MWA Analog system has these features:

  • High dynamic range sensor for quick plug and play ( no spot filters required )
  • The ability to see detail in the entire scene without the need for additional illumination
  • Capture and record digital images and video (with optional software)
  • 3 modes of operation, High Contrast, Max Dynamic Range, Normal Mode


The system is fully integrated into a main control console. Each welding camera is independently controlled via the selector switches and LED pot. A main power switch, camera power switch and led power switch provide the operator with full control over the system.

The welding camera system is touch screen driven whereby the operator can select any one of the mini views and it becomes the view in focus and expands to full screen. Pressing the screen again, brings it back to multi view.

Welding Camera Features:

  • Independent camera controls
  • Touch screen driven
  • Up to 5 independent weld cameras
  • Maximize view of each camera via screen touch and minimize again
  • Set a camera as favorite for quick access
  • Set on screen name for each camera
  • Set contrast / brightness via slider bar, on screen
  • Image and video capture ( option )
  • Robust industrial design with solid connections and control buttons.

Feel free to peruse the site, ask a question, request a quote, get in touch with us about this welding camera solution and we would be glad to listen to your objectives and offer our input.