iCAMWA Analog Welding Camera

Open Arc Weld Camera Viewing System
This product is an analog camera which can be connected directly to an LCD screen or a PC for live video. Unlike the digital version, this welding camera does not have a software toolset to enable advanced HDR capabilities.

Compared to the digital welding camera, it is more moderately priced. As an entry level or basic open arc weld camera product, it still offers great capabilities to view the welding scene.

With recognized benefits such as:
• Real time views of the weld and process which provides opportunities for immediate operator adjustments.
• Real time verification of torch position, wire feed, stick out, orientation
• Reduced time required for pre-weld setup
• Productivity improvements by a reduction in operator starts and stops.
• Operator training
• Quality Assurance

The iCAMWA Analog system has these features:
High dynamic range sensor for quick plug and play ( no spot filters required )
The ability to see detail in the entire scene without the need for additional illumination
Capture and record digital images and video (with optional software)
3 modes of operation, High Contrast, Max Dynamic Range, Normal Mode

Technical specifications

Technology CMOS Active pixel
Total Pixel SVGA ( 768 x 576 )
Frame Rate 30-60 Hz Global Shutter
Video Output NTSC / PAL / Digital 8-10bit ITU656
Video Signal BNC/Composite, Digital
Color Format monochrome or color selectable
Optical Format 1/3”
Dynamic Range 120dB
S/N Ratio > 48dB
Sensitivity 0.1 Lux
Spectral range 380 nm to 950 nm
Operating Temp. -20C – +60C (without cooling – air inlet integrated)
Power DC 12V (8-18v) < 200mA
Cable Lengths 10m – 30m
Iris Control Manual, DCAI input
Filter Set UV/IR Cut, ND filter, protective lens
Lens 9mm – 22mm varifocal
Dimensions 50mm x 65mm x 105mm (with lens barrel)
weight 200 g