iCAMWD – Digital Weld Camera

Open Arc Weld Camera Viewing SystemThis product is an all digital welding camera which can be connected directly to an LCD screen or a PC for live video. This weld camera is feature rich and is suitable for all welding processes. This digital welding camera version comes with a software toolset to enable advanced HDR capabilities.

Weld Camera for all weld processes:
Flux Core ■ MIG / MAG ■ Plasma ■ TIG ■ Laser
The ICAMWD open arc welding camera product is an all digital high dynamic range smart camera capable of providing clear views of the welding area. Optional on board programming creates possibilities for advanced applications such as post weld inspection. Specific feature set includes:
• Compliance with Protection standards DIN 3-7 gas welding Din 9-13 electro welding
• Dynamic range > 140dB
• Auto brightness and exposure adjustment
• No blooming effects or image artifacts in scene
• Stand alone system with direct VGA connect
• Digital I/O
• Ethernet connect to network or PC with dedicated IP
• Programmable system for advanced functionality and use ie: weld inspection
• Reticule overlay
• Dual Region of Interest (*)
• ICAM software to access system parameters

With onboard I/O the system can integrate with existing computers, networks, PLCs, and equipment control centers. Direct connect to a computer and use the application software or connect to the weld camera over the network and use the browser interface

(*) Weld Camera Dual Region of Interest
A unique feature for this welding camera is the ability to set two regions of interest. Through the software configuration, the user sets a foreground and a background region of interest. From here one can define two different dynamic range modes. These two dynamic range modes can be triggered via I/O, programmed to be always visible or via an image saturation threshold. The advantage of this feature Is to allow for a maximum dynamic range at the weld puddle and allow a lower dynamic range in the surrounding scene.  Our digital weld camera can save images and video files to disk.

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