ICAM-WSA Sub Arc Welding Camera

SUB-ARC, Arc Welding Camera Viewing System

Welding processes installed on:
Sub Arc Welding

Remote viewing for the operator welding large weldments is a need for today’s manufacturing environments. The degree by which remote viewing is required and how it is achieved, varies across the industrial metal fabrication market. This welding camera system was designed with sub-arc applications in mind.

With recognized benefits such as:

  • Real time views of the weld area for immediate operator adjustments.
  • Real time verification of torch position, wire feed, stick out, orientation
  • Reduced time required for pre-weld setup
  • Productivity improvements by a reduction in operator starts and stops.
  • Quality Assurance


The camera provides video to the operator station by connection to an industrial touch panel PC, which is the system controller.

The iCAM-WSA sub arc welding camera system has these features:

  • Ruggedized camera with integrated LED
  • (optional laser pointer)
  • Protective lens cover
  • Air cool inlet port
  • Varifocal manual lens or motorized zoom lens
  • Cable lengths to 50m

Viewing Controller Functions:

  • Single or dual Cross hair lines:
    • Move up/down, left, right, and rotate
    • Change color (black, white, red)
    • Change line thickness
    • Add hash marks
    • Store preset cross hair configurations to recall with one button press
    • On screen keyboard
    • Save images and video to file

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