ICAM-WD.ARM Arc Monitor With Welding Camera | arc welding monitor


Weld Camera WITH ARC Weld Monitor

Utilizing the ICAM-WD welding camera system, and combining the video data with the data from arc welding processes such as Volts, Amps, Gas, travel speed provides unique opportunities for quality control, quality assurance, training, education and research.

The weld monitor utilizes high speed signal processing and the user defines either thresholds or work envelopes within which ideal welding occur. Out of tolerance values are identified with output signaling to the process if desired.

The digital welding camera utilizes specific signal processing to attenuate the arc ligth and provides clear visualization of the weld in real time.

The weld monitoring data is then mapped with the video frames in real time allowing for the opportunity to visually see the welding as well as the corresponding welding parameters.

The archived data can then be replayed and the user can zoom in on a part of the welding curve and see the corresponding welding video frames. Combining these technologies allows a user to see weld defects such as pores, adhesion, arc faults, penetration defects, influence of gas and wire and which weld parameters were out of tolerance. .

WeldQAS is an automatic monitor, controller and recorder for the arc welding ( MIG/MAG, TIG, submerged arc welding, plasma jet welding etc.)


  • it allows automatic welding supervision
  • it works on the bases of the recording of the welding parameters during welding, without any changing to the welding torch head
  • it is based on a new technology of digital high-resolution data recording and intelligent process data computing in a signal processor (ASP – Advanced Signal Processing)

Open Arc Weld Camera Viewing System
This product is an all digital welding camera which can be connected directly to an LCD screen or a PC for live video. This weld camera is feature rich and is suitable for all welding processes. This digital welding camera version comes with a software toolset to enable advanced HDR capabilities.

Welding processes installed on:
Flux Core ■ MIG / MAG ■ Plasma ■ TIG ■ Laser

The ICAMWD open arc welding camera product is an all digital high dynamic range smart camera capable of providing clear views of the welding area. Optional on board programming creates possibilities for advanced applications such as post weld inspection.